Love and other bumps

Dear “Zed,”
Over the course of your life, we’ll make you many promises – and they’ll reflect the love, many dreams and hopes we have for you. Granted, on occasion we will falter, but we’ll spend each day making efforts to do what we can to keep these promises alive.

So, let’s start off with a few to set the tone for your life…

  • We promise to raise you to become somebody worthy of being loved. And we promise to love you for whoever you choose to become.
  • We’ll work hard to provide you with the things you’ll need…though sometimes we’ll tell you “no” when it comes to the things you want.
  • We’ll make sure you spend time – regardless of your gender – learning about cars, art, sports, politics, dance and more…because tasting a bit of everything is the only way to find your favourites.
  • Sometimes in life you will fall. And sometimes we might even let you – if that seems like the only way you’ll learn. But we’ll always be ready to pick you up, clean your wounds and kiss you better. Always.
  • You’ll see each of us choose to pursue activities we’re passionate about – supporting that is part of being family. Because being fulfilled and happy as individuals is part of what will makes us stronger, together.
  • And we promise the commitments we’ve made to each other, and to you, will always be at the core of the decisions we make. We are a family, and that will come first.

Most of all, we promise to do our best to fill our home with laughter, love and joy. In tougher times – when those traits seem hard to find – there will be snuggles, understanding and kindness waiting to step in. And, failing all of that, we just promise to do our best – for you, for each of us, and for all of us together.

In eager anticipation of your arrival (March 28th’ish, 2015),
Your mom and dad.

Introducing Zed

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2 Responses to Love and other bumps

  1. Tod M. says:

    Awwww… best announcement ever. Congratulations guys!!

    • KK says:

      Thanks Tod! (Sorry for delay…apparently I turned off my email connected to my website a while ago and just noticed that last night.) We’re pretty darn excited – and a little realistically terrified – about what is coming our way. But couldn’t be happier about adding another small soul to the lives we share together. 🙂

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